Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mummy director will director children's story movie STEPHEN SOMMERS will not direct remake of "When World Collide" but scheduled to direct "Night at the Museum" based on the book by Milan Tenc.

Attending Indiana Museum event

Got confirmation that I will going to AIM Conference at Wabash College Sept 11-12. Hope to learn more about museum studies and network for my future museum.

New set of Jack Benny shows on Radio Spirits

A colleciton of travel episodes from "The Jack Benny Program". Don't know of PHIL HARRIS in the episodes. Radio Spirits

Tavis Smiley on court show

Saw TAVIS SMILEY on Judge Hatchett. He was council to a mixed up young man. Poorly done. It had clips showing the Tavis is a very busy man at on his radio and TV show and that he could only talk to this young man in a limo and dressing room. Tavis just asked questions about what the young man wanted to do in the future. I would like to see a what his future could be if he stays on this path. The young man was just a zombie and telling people what they wanted to here. I did not see him motivated to change his ways.