Saturday, October 06, 2007

Review: 4: the Rise of the Silver Surfer

Director, Tim Story never talked about Doug Jones or Larry Blanford's photography. Some talk about Doug's work in in the producer's commentary. It was odd to hear the talk about what should have been done in the film. They talk about they should have done the credits in space and not do the airport scene. I agree. There was some talk about showing the Puppet Master but they didn't. Tim Story admits that he used the Super Skrull idea for the Touch. He did this because he believed that the one-on-one battle was better than all four working together. I wonder why he did a film about the four if he could not direct them as a team. The special features show behind the scenes of Doug. He got credit as being the actor after the Surfer lost his powers. I still like the film because of Doug as the Surfer and Blanford's photography.

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