Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hoosier connection to Tom Slick

On the new George of the Jungle DVD are cartoons of Tom Slick. Tom Slick had races in Muncie, IN. There is also a pun for the Indianapolis 500.

"I've Been Railroaded" Train Race today at Muncie Station. 2nd annual race from Muncie to Muncie.
"Dranko the Dragster" One the drag drivers was named "Steve McQeasy".
"Merlin Brando" Super Chicken flies over Muncie, IN, "Teddy bear capital of the world", on his way to the Isle of Lucy. (It is an odd thing to do because Super Chicken's home base is in Pittsburgh.)
"The Apple-Less Indian 500" Tom drives a giant tire in a Indian reservation race.
"The Double Cross Country Race" Race from Muncie to Pittsburgh. This is full of Muncie jokes.
"The Cheap Skateboard Derby" "Welcome to magnificent Muncie, IN."
"The Badyear Blimp" At the Muncie, Indiana fair grounds.

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